Our Thesis

Technology Focused

VentureX Capital is a growth technology emerging market focused private equity firm committed to creating long-term value by growing our portfolio companies. We invest in a targeted set of industries, with a focus on technology and technology transformation in the South East Asia & Far East region.

Leading Technology

The firm invests in leading technology companies and tech-enabled businesses in the South East Asia & Far East region. Seeks to cultivate proprietary or specialized investment opportunities not typically available to generalist investors and to partner with technology focused management teams and invests strategically and selectively across the broad value chain of the technology industry.

Inflection Point

We target companies that face critical inflection points where there are identifiable strategic or operational opportunities to create value. We are attracted to companies that seek to take advantage of untapped market opportunities, are looking to enter or exit markets, make acquisitions, reposition certain business lines, or implement other changes that will lead to improved profitability and increased long-term growth.

Guidance & Resources

Through the collective expertise of our team and our extensive third-party network, VentureX Capital delivers a sophisticated mix of guidance and resources to help create value. Our integrated resources have been purposefully designed to help accelerate the growth of lower middle market companies by leveraging industry, financial and functional expertise as well as best practices for strategic planning, operational excellence, talent management, corporate development and exit planning.

Growth Accelaration

We work with management teams to implement strategic and operating initiatives that build long-term value. We help identify ways to accelerate growth through market definition, customer segmentation, product or service line extensions, strategic capital investments and add-on acquisitions.

Extensive Value

We provide the capital, experience, and relationships to help our management teams improve and grow their businesses. We leverage an extensive network of proven operating executives with specific industry or functional expertise to serve on boards and as resources to help our management teams accomplish their goals.